Project Overview
Collaboration with the Soil Science Department: Developing Awareness of Environmental Issues. Tasked with highlighting the often-overlooked problem of soil degradation, my role was to bring individual awareness to the importance of soil in our lives. Recognizing that many people underestimate this issue, the department conducted interviews to gauge public perception. Based on these insights, I created a series of seven illustrations, each one inspired by the interviews, to visually communicate why soil health is vital to our ecosystem and daily existence
Illustration 1 : Living skin of Earth
This illustration series is designed to capture the inherent beauty of soil landscapes, showcasing their significance and the intricate role they play in our environment.​​​​​​​
Illustration 2 : Enjoy the bounty of land
This illustration vividly portrays the journey of how people obtain food from natural and soil-based sources, highlighting the essential connection between soil health and our food supply.
Illustration 3 : Soil supports food production
This illustration is crafted to depict the vital process of how food is sourced from nature and soil, emphasizing the fundamental link between the earth's soil and our food supply.
Illustration 4 : Soil supports food production
This illustration subtly yet effectively communicates the environmental impact of overexploitation and misuse of agricultural land, addressing a critical issue in a manner that is impactful yet non-offensive.
Illustration 5 : Importance of soil study
This illustration captures the essence of soil study, highlighting its significance and the crucial role it plays in environmental science
Illustration 6 : Value in land
This illustration vividly demonstrates the fundamental importance of land in sustaining life, emphasizing its critical role in our ecosystem.
Illustration 7 : No soil, no life
This illustration depicts how soil research and study can contribute to the conservation of nature and the enhancement of human well-being.

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