​​​​​​​Health Care Appointment Application

This app is designed to help young adults (19-25) who are responsible for their own health care to book appointments with health care providers through their mobile devices. The app also helps users to find the best and most affordable health care options by showing them information on insurance networks and in-network health clinics. By using this app, young adults can access health care services more easily and efficiently, and improve their health outcomes and satisfaction.
Target User
The target users of this app are young adults (19-25) who face the challenge of managing their own health care independently. They often find it difficult and frustrating to book health care appointments through online services, which may discourage them from seeking timely and appropriate care. This app aims to address their needs and concerns by providing a user-friendly and convenient way to access health care services through their mobile devices.​​​​​​​
Method Used 


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