Project Overview :
Blank Park Zoo is one of the clients of Global Reach, where I am doing an Internship. My role was to redesign their current website with their style guides. I consider the new website style clean and neat and to focus on animal image-centered design.
Problem Statement
Current Blank park zoo's homepage might leave users indecision because of the many navigation choices. Offering a plentiful option for use could be lost their attention to finding the information. To solve this problem, think about a visual hierarchy that arranges and organizes website elements, so visitors naturally gravitate toward the most critical elements. Visual hierarchy aims to lead visitors to complete the desired action. Without it, figuring out what to do next is tricky. For visual hierarchy, the version of redesigned homepage removed the green navigation and used wide hover images. 

Current Design
New Design Concept
The new concept tried to focus on animal-centered images and make a simple layout. In the previous design, the primary and secondary navigation was placed in the head section and tried to simplify the navigation. The previous web design used many boxes in the layout, and the redesign used minimal boxes to improve visual hierarchy. 

Redesign Proposed

Working Process in Figma
I started the design with Figma for visualization. Figma is one of the best ways to build a visualization web design using tools and quick exports. ​​​​​​​
Working Progress
For interactive website design, I used Webflow, which is a web builder and can build the design responsively. Learning Webflow needs a lot of skill-set but once you learn it will be a powerful tool for making responsive websites. 

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